‘The Actress’ (2012) - Short Film - Editor, VFX, Colourist


The Actress, presented by The Smalls and Ben Charles Edwards, is an independent short film starring Sadie Frost, Perry Benson, Sally Phillips and Morgana Robinson.
The film was made possible through an extraordinary collaboration including filmmakers and crew from The Smalls community. It was produced in less than 6 weeks.

It is the twilight of a grand old movie star’s life. Poor health and old age have robbed her of her glamour, her career and now -probably within hours – her life. The end is near. She arrives, surrounded by her parasitic entourage, at a cinema for a private showing of her greatest screen moments. Kicking the hangers-on out, she sits alone in the dark as the light of the projector illuminates the silver screen and her previous youth and beauty. In a daring escape from the inevitable, she enters the screen and is suddenly back in her movies – a star once more. She tumbles from genre to genre in scenes taking in the silent era, film noir, ’70s sci-fi sexploitation and ’90s sitcom land. It is a desperate attempt to outsmart and outrun the apparition of death itself, which pursues her through the scenes. Inevitable or not – this old movie diva isn’t going without a fight. This is the story of a shooting star who refuses to fade away or go gently into that good night.
Produced by
Ben Charles Edwards (Producer)
Kate Tancred (Producer)
The Smalls (Executive Producer)
Directed by
Ben Charles Edwards
Written by
Al Joshua
Cinematography by
John Hicks
Edited by
Martin Hickford
Music by
Paul Honey
Sadie Frost - Mabel Stanford
Perry Benson - Paul Auster
Sally Phillips - Second Suitor
Morgana Robinson - Princess Alopecia
Rest of cast
Lola Coca - Sitcom Nerd
Kaylee Cooper - Nurse
Jason Dack - Father
Sorcha Finch-Murray - Bippy
Jack Gow - Sitcom Guy
Jack Guinness - Conrad
Richard Jenkins - Sitcom Jock
Al Joshua - Harmonica Player
Zara Martin - Sitcom Bitch
Gerard Mcdermott - Doctor
Carl Prekopp - Movie Director
Michael Sani - Sitcom Director
Fabrizio Santino - First Suitor
Irwin Sparkes - Prince Chlymidian
Assistant Producer - Natalie Greenwood
1st Assistant Director - Renee Tillot
2nd Unit Director - Tom Bacon
3rd Unit Director - Louis J Parker
Director of Photography - John Hicks
Lighting Designer - Tim Deiling
Camera Operator - Niall Green
Focus Puller - Deborah Bucket
Best Boy - Stefan Hornig
Location Sound Recordist - Marcin Szumilas
Location Continuity - Rob Hurtt
Assistant to Ms. Frost - Holly Jade Finlay
Body Double to Ms. Frost - Mary Davidson
Sound Mixer - Mikkel Eriksen
Set Designer - Robey Albert
Makeup Artist - Oscar Alexander Lundberg
Makeup Artist Assistants - Yasmin Francis, Hannah May Khan
Hairdresser - Aaron Blondell
Hairdresser Assistants - Nicola Hill, Tristan Lee
Wardrobe - Emma Savill
Assistant Stylist - Georgina Walsh
Special Thanks to
Victoria Wadwa (The W Hotel)
Kimberly O'Carrol Fitzpatrick (Set Artwork)
Simo (Space No 9 French Place)
Rob Seals (The Hospital Club)
Grain Media
Focus 24